September 26, 2008

shopping shopping shopping! ;D

One word would have been describe me, SHOPAHOLIC!
haha! what a fabulous day today??
sgt best thp maximum dowh.. shopping sana dan sini..
x rugi skipped from school today..
atleast, puas hati..
but i wonder my parents puas hati or not since their money were like air je kuar spended for me..;DD
thnx a lot mum and thanx alot pa..
today, i went to mid wif my elin..
my mum send us there..
and my parents give us the freedom 2 shopped our own stuff..
sgt best dowh my parents ni..
sgt sporting..
they dont mind either..
WaH! i love u mum n papa..
continue my story just now..
i arrived there around 11 camtu la..
itu pon people dah ramai dah..
yela, maybe bcause of last minute shopping..
so, jd camtu la..
act. my clothes suma dah cukup but just wanna add my wadrobe collection..
what an evil child, spended parents money?;)
then, pusing-pusing mid tu wif elin..
boleh thn jgk la spend td..
around rm300..
around 4 camtu dah boring tour da mid, i called my parents to fetch us..
then, lps my parents fetch us..
diorg nk pg shah alam plak..
kat shah alam i just bought a tudung for me to suit my baju kurung..
lps 2, blk singgah di bazar di shah alam sbntr..
then, blk..
n now i'm blogging it..
wateva it is my day was superb today!

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