August 15, 2008


hello! n a very great morning!
today is friday n da best part is today is da last day of school..
but as i'm ponteng-ing today, yesterday was my last day at school 4 meet my 1 week hols..
say hello 2 holiday n say byebye 2 school!
holiday here i come! ngahahaha!
wah! 1 week 4 shop my stuffy n n n of course i'm lovin it like heaven.. ;D
oh yeah! do ask me y i'm not in da school today..
it's all because of my friend's virus..
SHU PING! aiyoo! ur virus suda ade at me already..
i've got flu, cough n da worst part is i've catch by da horrible fever..
pity me.. but its owkeyh then..
but i'm thinking ryte now..
should i thnk my shu ping or suffering??
thnk her maybe..
oh god! help me! i've 2 get well soon..
da mall r waitin 4 me..;)
haih! fateen fateen!
what a crazy shopper r u?!?!
like u have da money for shop ur stuffy..
oh eddy! i need u! my spencers r urs ryte?? haha!
wait a minute! did i mention eddy here??
oh no i dont!
looks like sumone is missing her banker ryte now..;p
owkeyh! i'm out from da cyber world..
i'll post later..

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