August 6, 2008

outta my head.

Argh! what da heaven i'm thinking ryte now..??
owh yeah! i juz wanna get out from dis miserable life n get a new life..
i need a new enviroment peeps!
what a life ryte..?? but dats da real n truly facts..
life is just like a merry go round..
" what goes around comes around"
now, i really cant stand wif dis hectic life of mine..
how i wish i can get rid of dat so-called hectic life??
i reaally craving 4 europe or asian country(korea n japan)
i wanna gain new experiance wif full of beautyness memory..
so, from now on i have e be so called rajin like ulat buku..
i've 2 make myself further up my study in overseas a.s.a.p afta finish my spm..
like heylow! who dont want da platinum 4 da accesories ryte??
everyone craving 4 tht..
so do i..
if i've given da chance, i'll surely grab it like hell..

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