June 14, 2011

Getaway : Beijing 2011

(Awan Beijing, it's almost 4am)
Hello dolls and kens,

As i promised earlier, now i would like to write a lil bit about my getaway right after my final. Yes people, RIGHT AFTER FINAL IT WAS. I mean like, my flight was on th June 8th, at 11.45pm and final exams i ended that day itself at 5.30pm. So, just imagine that. I won't write long essay here. I just gonna summarized everything up. EVERYTHING WAS FUN FUN FUN ! The places, the WEATHER eventhough it's summer, the-spend papa's money-things (hihihi), but not the Beijing ladies, people. A BIG NO on that part. I dislike Beijing ladies like so much especially the sales girls in the mall. So rude, i tell you.

Please enjoy the photos, okay. It took me hours to upload all these eventhough it's not that many compared to the album my lappy folder that reached 6k until i've to divide it into two albums. 

 (Kabus and windy, blessed)
I should thanks to papa and mummy for the great vacation that they organized for us, four sibling eventhough we asked for a winter getaway in Melbourne but you guys still prepared us the best summer getaway in Beijing. Allah bless you both, the bestest parents on the whole wide world !

p/s; Four of us are planning for a real winter getaway next. Europe tour, maybe ? Insyaallah. Pray hard. Hihihi

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