June 26, 2011

Melayu Celup ?

1st situation :

( at Beijing, China)
TG : After you converted, you straight away wear your hijab ? That's good of u.
Me : What do u mean by after i converted ?
TG : Yeah lor, after u converted to Islam, you wear hijab lor.
Me : I'm Islam since the day i was born. I don't get you.
TG : Really meh ? I thought you're a chinese converted to Islam. *with surprised look.

2nd situation :

(at The Pearl Center, Beijing, China)
Salesgirl : You're so beautiful. Who do you come with? Your boyfriend ?
Me : Hihihi. Thank you. No, i come with my family. *while showing her my family at the side of the corner looking at the pearls.
Salesgirl : That's your family ?
Me : Yeah, why are you look so surprised ?
Salesgirl : Nothing. Do you have chinese blood in you ?
Me : Errrr, no. I'm a pure malay.
Salesgirl : Wah, you look like chinese eventhough you wear hijab.

3rd situation :

(the latest, Skin Renew, The Curve)
Came into the room
Madelin : *speak chinese
Me : You speaked to me ? *since it's only left me and her in the room
Madelin : You don't understand chinese ?
Me : Errr, no. I don't understand chinese. I didn't learn chinese.
Madelin : Oh, you're a malay or chinese ?
Me : Malay, for sure.
Madelin : Really aahh ? I thought you're chinese just now. That's why i speak chinese with you. Sorry aah, Dayana.
Me : Hihihi. It's okay. You're not the first actually.
Madelin : Yeah lor. You look like chinese. Your skin tone is like chinese also.
Me : Are you kidding me ? I hitam la. Not like you, very fair.
Madelin : No no, you have chinese skin tone. Mixed aahh ?
Me : As far as i concern, no la. Pure malay it is.
(In the room, i didn't wear tudung since i've facial to do that time. So, that's why she ambushed me with chinese language straight away.)

I didn't intend to brag or whatever you call it here. Even if i did, there's nothing to be proud of since it's not true. See, here's the thing, i don't really get it why people keep on saying that i'm a chinese or i've chinese blood in or yada yada yada. To be honest, I got it quite a lot from people saying that kind of stuff to me. Not only that, my family members too especially from the Malacca and Singapore sides. They always go like this, "Fateen ni ikut siapa la eh ? Muka macam cina. Nak kata mummy dia, tak pon. Nak kata papa dia pon, takde jugak." Okay, i got it from my grandma from Malacca, perhaps ? She do looks like chinese Singaporean.

How i wish, i'm mixed blood like those people said but i'm grateful enough with what i am now. Clearly, i'm a PURE MALAY without any mix here and there. Atleast, i'm not a rojak. No offense, though. Hihihi. You know what, i think i know why people keep on saying that i look like chinese la mixed blood la and whatever la, it is because my eyes. My mata so sepet one. AMAGAWD ! You guys are being mean to me. Tak baik la like that. Ohh, now i know. So sad la like that. Okay people, i'm not Melayu Celup like some people said.

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