June 20, 2011

Is this Seth Tan really exist ?

I'm pretty sure that most of the people out there especially ladies, know about Nora Elena series, no ? Well, there's one character that caught my eyes which was Seth Tan acted by Aaron Aziz. Basically, he's the main reason that i stayed infront of the TV for about an hour just to watch Seth in action.

Ok. Here's the thing, i'm not writing this up just to tell about the whole story of this series. I'm actually doubt about the existence of guys like Seth. Seth Tan, the guy who has everything that a girl/lady want in their partner. He's handsome, rich, gentleman, sweet, caring, very patient, and he would do anything for his beloved wife eventhough it takes him to sacrifice his own life. To add more for him looks like a real prince charming, a man of his words, he is. Yes, that's how the story describe the character of Seth.

Till this second, i wonder if there is really a guy who have all the characters up there in this new generation ? Little did i know, after a few weeks of Seth, my expectation towards my future husband has highly increased ! I know as a girl, i shouldn't put it that way but a girl really can dream big. I hold on that.

My mummy said this,

" You're my daughter and i know you very well than others know you. Even, your ex boyfriend didn't know you that well. That's why it called as EX. Let bygone be bygone. You deserve better. Don't stop believing, Fateen. Love is a beautiful thing. You have to start pray hard for your mate, love life. Don't say it's too early to pray for this just because you're 19 year old. Nothing is too early for this. Of course, mummy will always pray for your happiness too but you as the owner of yourself have to do it more. Only then, Allah will know how earnest you want it in your life. I hope you will find someone who can guide you in the right lane and in the same time show and give you the meaning of forever in love. "

I feel so blessed to be given such an awesome mother that i can talk everything about and be supportive about it. :')


dania said...

i'll be the happies/luckiest girl in the world kalau dpt laki mcm seth tan tuu. but, tu dlm tv je la fateen =[


SEEE ! That's why i can't keep myself out of this and wondering whether wujud ke x laki mcm seth ni. Too fairytale. :(

didi said...

maybe there are guys like that, tapi one in a million lah kot.