November 22, 2008

mid valley

i went to mid valley just now with mummy.
pusing2 and jalan2 the whole mid and lastly decided to watch HSM3.
the show was at 4pm.
i igt org will be like a few je in the cinema as the story dah lama kuar on the 24th oct but i was totally wrong sbb the cinema penuh giler.

owkeyh. when i watched this movie just now, two words were in my mind.
Sweet and Cute!
sumpah weih, i really love it. eventhough this movie nmpk kinda childish dgn setiap scene mesti singing and all that but really! its very cute!
yeah yeah! i noe ade yg x suka this movie mcm my sista tu. she really dont like the movie and kept babbling dlm cinema td and i was like OMG this young lady really get on my nerve. haha!
and uh oh yeah, next week! twilight twilight twilight!
27th oct guys! looking forward to the movie.

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