November 8, 2008

personal assistant

hey diary ! how was ur day? haha. lame u fateen ! me?
uh oh, my day was owkeyh and tired of course.
the tittle is personal assistant n y personal assistant? why why why?
yelah i'm the havoc personal assistant la n to whom i gave out my services?
yes! of course my preeettyy mummy!
haaha. today my mum asked me to accompany her to KL since papa had kursus stuff to attend.
then, papa pon asked me to replace him for awhile or should i say a day by teman mummy to KL
and i'm owkeyh with that.
afta finish her stuff to do at KL, we went to Giant, Batu Caves. mummy ade bnde nk beli.
plus, we filled our empty stomach at Rasamas ape ntah. i ate honey chicken rice and a glass of iced lemon tea, my mum had golden chicken chop n a glass of bandung cincau.
act. we dont have anything to buy there. then, i found sumthing that really caught my eyes.
it was edward cullen and isabella swan picture infront of the FIRST magazine.
when i saw the magz, cpt2 i grabbed it up n paid. haha! cute and sweet!
after fulled, we went back home.
reached home, i had incoming call from sumone.
then, guess who? its azeri dude! like OMG i cant even reconigsed his voice at all.
haha! it seems like a decade we did not contact or meet each other.
and i wonder how is he right now? lme gyler dowh x jmpe die. padahal die skola kt sek men taman desa 2 je. its not that far from my house.
till then. ;)

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