November 13, 2008


today i was not in the school and of course i'm not in the magz room.
i woke up late around 9. afta solat subuh, i get back to my bed and continue my dreams untill 9.
and suprisely i woke up and asked my mum "mummy, knape x kejut fateen?" and my mum was like " mummy igt u x pegi skola. so, mummy let u continue ur sleep la." lol.
so, now i'm alone in the house without nothing interesting to do.
if i'm in school dis morning, i can sent my Komsas work to my teacher.
nah! just forget the past.
and so yeah, my mum asked me to washed the dishes in the sink and all that.
its really went fine to me.
yeah of course because i've got nuthing to do.
now i'm blogging.
uh oh, i'm looking forward to watch TWILIGHT. i've just bce the novel yesterday. its my 50 times read the books i guess. haha. sumpah cite die best giler! dah la the hero twilight 2 giler hot.
like OMG naaaaaaaaaaaakkkkk sannnnnnnnnngggggggggaaaaaaaaaaat tggggkkk!
ok. gtg. burbye!

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Aisyah Munirah said...

kak fateen, kalau pgi tgk twilight jgn lupe ajak eh =p