November 7, 2008

melepak afta exams !

today i had just finished my final exams and i was very overjoyed with it.
but the final's was harder than i thought. arrrgghh! geram je dowh !
honestly, it was absolutely nuts ! haha !
owkeyh, i better keep my mouth shut for dis exams topic or i'll start shitting about it.
and it s really not a good sign.
uh oh, this evening afta school just now around 3 sumthing i had kinda small jamuan at McD
anjuran photography club.
the amount of people sorta small. and and and the surrounding at McD just now really attracted me.
like OMG seriously mmg ramai gyler org kt McD and it was fulled with students.
maybe its all because finals were just ended and for them mcm dah MERDEKA kot.
act. its not that what i mean with ' the surrounding really attracted me ' .
it was all about the people or should i say students.
dating, smoking and all that stuff.
dating? owkeyh, fine! its kinda normal for teenagers. and me, my self had experienced it before.
so, it was fine with me.
but when it comes to smoking. i'll say a BIG NO for smoke owkeyh.
i really hate tht word so badly. even, i hate to see n i cant stand with people who love smoke like hell.
like dude! ur still student la weih. cant u be patient untill ur 18 or sumthing.
then, u can kill urself slowly. be proud of it? like duh! stupid je dowh!
and i wonder why his gf did not have the intends to stop him or the easy way is just leave the guy?
what an evil of me? but its true. why should we be bother with a guy like tht? ryte? is not worth it at all. wasting time love him but he himself does not love himself and dunno how to appriciate his life. bongok je!
end story of dis one matter. mcm sensitive je dowh. haha. but but but like i care! *evil ;DD
an hour after tht, my friends and i were lepaking at my bestfriends house, najwa.
and as ussual, when lepaking with each other we were like started the gossip all around.
like OMG happy gyler dgn tergelak2 nye. mcm org gyler je weih. but i'm happy. so, back off! haha.
i'm tired. fullstop ! ;D

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