November 18, 2008

schools out

hey darla! its holidays, n of course its schools out. i'm really happy till death.
haha! but wait! when i think it back, what i'm gonna do in the house? duh! when i think of that, i'll be pissed off. one word will make it, BORING!
unless i've something to do with vacation and stuff, it will be more fun n exciting.
so, i've to figure it out for myself to do some extremely fun stuffs n etc.
but i wonder what is the so called-extremely-fun-stuffs- that i'm searching for? jyeah!
shopping, movies, lepaking n much more are enough for me to throw out the 'boring' things from my way.
so, yeah! that is what i can think for this moment rather than thinking when i'm gonna spent my this year holidays in NYC or LA. i rather die than thinking about a vacations like that.
its not that my parents cant afford it(yeah, act. its the one of the reason though), it just that my dad who was so called a busy man on the earth with his office works. i think he should won the category of the busiest worker on the earth. ade ke category tu? ahaha. i think tade. ;)
owkeyh, back to the trail. my dad really push his life to his work untill he really get stressed of it.
i really pity him a lot. but in the same time me n my family kinda disappointed. yela, cant u just imagine, dah 2 years we all satu family did not went for holidays. last holidays yg i can remember is when we all satu family were in sabah. its very upset.
so, this year i x harap pegi jauh jauh pon.
dpt pegi dekat2, pon i dont ever mind. janji its holiday with my family.
my dad really cant promise my family anything because he cant even plan it.
its all because of his boss yg x reti nk think of other peoples who had family at home.
shit! oh god, please help my family! ;))
till then.

p/s: i miss the winter eventhough i never had the experiance.;D

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