November 28, 2008

super duper happy and excited

Dr. Carlisle Cullen

Esme Cullen

Rosalie Hayle and Emmet Cullen

Edward Cullen

Jasper Hayle and Alice Cullen

The Cullens Family

The Lover ; Edward cullen and Isabella Swan

gosh! i'm tired but i'm ok with it. i just came back from OU.
guess what?! i had watch the twilight movie and it was fantastic.
i gave 5 stars for it. like OMG! sumpah best giler dowh!
mcm x puas je. nak tggggggggkkkkkk lagiiii! i dont care.
edward cullen was really cute and hot!
ok. i went there with my cousins.
yg pegi tgk td ade 9 all of them.
yg pegi td iman, azril, aizat, kak nana, fariq, fadin, fadzleen, mummy plus me.
its been awhile x jmpe iman and ble jmpe td i was like "wah! iman makin tggi wooh!"
its the truth weih. iman tggi gyler skrg. mentang2 basketball player. ish3!
haha. lame. yela mne tak nye eventhough same age tp kteorg jarang jmpe sbb dia in boarding school.
so yeah, mcm ssh la nk jmpe unless school hols like this. ;)
back to the trail.
i went for the show at 4.30pm. duh! ramai giler. yeah. what do u expect kan?
the movie has just been released out yesterday.
mmg swwwwwwwwwweeeeeeett giler.
all the scenes in the movie were my favourites.
it was awesome show and the couple were sweet lover together.
naaaaaakkkkk beli DVD and tgk kat cinema lagi!
nak tgk more n more n more n more!
after the movie, tbe2 je, mummy ckp kat i and kak nana that " nana, fateen, nnt nak cri a guy, search sumone who have the characters like edward."
and we were like " hahaha! yeah. sure!"
then, kak nana x abis2 mentioned edward's name untill we splitted up.
and iman just cant stop to say that the movie was just a fantasy. tipu je. haha.
iman, just dont be envy with edward la. u ni.

so, u guys out there, u better be fast to the nearest cinema to catch this TWILIGHT movie as it was really superb! haha ;)



yongsofea said...

yoah syg !
sumpahh nk tgk jggggk !

fdayana afakhri said...

haha. jum jum! org ajak x mau.
best gyler dowh! the guy was HOT-TO-THE-TOP! ;D

yongsofea said...

haha ! bile masee plak u ajk i ?
ahah ! lawak je ! insyaAllah sok klu x de pape hal i tgk twilight ngn k.fara pluss my sis skali ! hee

yongsofea said...

hey drlng . may i ask u sometng ?
u ke yg jadi "cik adik misteri" debate kt fizi pnye blogger ? serius . care dy typing mcm u lahh .