November 5, 2008

striking boredness

owkeyh. first of all today or to be more specific now i should be in school, in the magazines room
for finish all my work as i'm under graphic department which is very important after the editor.
but i've no transport.
so, where i am ryte now? yes! of course at my beloved house.
and i'm sure my best best best friends, najwa n yong sofea were angry at me.
pity u guys. but dont worry i swear i'll do my work n urs untill it done.
ur guys are the greatest. especially my chumell buddy ni yong sofea.
like OMG ur seriously fantastic men! ur help me a lot same goes to macek lawa sorg ni najwa.
i think i owe u guys a lot. and ur ' jasa baik' will be pay by me. dont worry chikas!
uh oh! dis friday is my last exams with chem n physics paper 3 the end of it.
and yet now i feel so malas weih nk stdy. oh no! fateen! no u cant have the feeling like tht.
its too dangerous. pray to Allah! ;)
ok till then. i'll blog soon.

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