November 3, 2008

life ahead

hey november! wow! without my knowing, my skewl life as a form 4 student gonna be end soon.
and itu sangat sangat fun! but next year i'll start a new life with holding a form 5 sign in my hand.
duh! tkt weih. SPM will be my beban on next year as dis year like OMG i x stdy seriously even a piece of shit pon.
and i'm thinking what i'm gonna do with my life if my education is not so well.
so, i've to struggle myself to achieve what i want.
yesterday when i was in malacca with my family, all of sudden my lovely beloved parents talked about university life and stuff.
and my dad said to me "fateen, u have to push urself to study and tried to teach urself utk hidup ssh dulu. then afta u have achieve what u want, u can enjoy as u can."
and of course mummy agree with my dad 200%. act. i pon agree with the statement.
afta tht, my dad said he wanted me to further up my stdy at australia or UK but if i get in local, he want me to be in UM or UTP. but he said it is more good if u get i overseas.
i said " pa, i want japan or korea la."
then, my dad ckp its up to u la janji u rajin stdy n always score and everything will find u.
yeah, ryte!
afta tht, my dad said if i wanna take engineering course, i better take petroleum engineering.
or if wanna take medic, i better get 10A's for my spm so that my dad can try to send surat rayuan eventhough i'm not taking bio ryte now in my high skewl.
for me, whatever u wannabe as long as rajin and have a strong will, almighty god will lead as in ryte path.-Amin-

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