November 20, 2008

the day

thursday is the day. and its today. ari ni i've started my tuition by taking only two subjects which are physics and chemistry.
and the class was sooooo mampat. really. dah mcm dlm tin ikan sardin. haha.
but i can try myself to feel comfartable with the surrounding.
i will. the tuition started at 10am and it ends at 1pm.
after finished the class, i dgn najwa had our lunch dkt mom's cake house.
i had a plate of black pepper chicken chop with a glass of iced lemon tea while najwa had a hotplate of yeemee and a glass of cincau.
while waiting our order to be served, najwa n me revised back what we had learned at tuition.
thank god, i can try to understand it. amin.
then, finished eating i went lepak dkt rumah najwa. around 5.30 camtu bru i blk.
i feel very tired right now.
burbye! ;)

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