November 14, 2008

an event at Pizza Hut

today i had jamuan for my class at Pizza Hut and it was fantastic eventhough ramai yg x dtg.
about 30 la yg showed their cute, hot, macho, beautiful, preety, n handsome faces kt sne td kn.
but seriously my classmates suma gyler gyler comel suma td. proud giler dowh. haha. start to crap i guess.
*wink wink
the jamuan started on 3.30 n supposedly finished on 5p.m but as we were like so jakon with the surroundings there, so we took a lot i mean a LOAD of pictures there untill it reached almost 6p.m
dont blame us about that, thnk u! haha. ;))
and i'm so sad cause i didnt bring up my camera as my beloved sister was using it for taking pictures with her friends.
sumpah i ckp kat Pizza Hut td, we were doing the place like our own house without guilty but who cares?! we were enjoying our moment dude! so, let it be without silent shit. jyeahaha!
like OMG mmg gyler bising tadi. sabar je la the workers yeah. haha.
owkeyh. till then.

the pictures will be update soon. i'm waiting for the pictures.

p/s: sayangkuh yong sofea, i'm waiting for the pictures from u, owkeyh darling. u better be fast. ;D

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