November 24, 2008

kne tagged

by: ellatralala

The rules:-Link to your tagger and post these rules. List 8 random facts about yourself and tag 8 people

1. over sensitive
2. giler fashion
3. shopaholic!
4. spoiled! its true wei. haha.
5. addicted to san francisco coffee and starbucks. yummy!
6. a fantastic dreamer. ;D
7. easy to cry


1. yong sofea
2. aisyah munirah
3. sza
4. fikri firazan
5. spe spe
6. yang
7. nak

First Name
can i consider fateen ?
fateen, dayana, yana, dyna, kakak, and jigie(dont ask me why)
Name you wish you had
Mia Edryana. ;D
What do people normally mistake your name as
fatin diana, fatin diyana, fateen diyanah and so on. FATEEN DAYANA la.
1st april 1992
Klinik Dr. Sulaiman. my uncle's clinic yaw!
Time of Birth
lol. mne la nk igt. that time i was a baby.
Single or taken
taken. eh eh, single la. blom kawin lg. haha. oh crap!
Zodiac sign

-Your Appearence-
How tall are you
Wish you were taller
yeah! nak sannnggat!
kinda brownish
Eye color you want
baby aqua or green. ;)
Natural Hair color
pure black
Current Hair color
i dont dye. so, blackie
Short or long hair
Ever dye your hair a bizarre color
did i just recently said dat i didnt dye? duh~
Last time you did something dramatic with your hair
dramatic? haha. brush it je la.
Glasses or contacts
both kot. tapi x ske specs. contacts la
Do you wear make-up
yeah! on a reason of event.
Ever had hair extensions
euww! x nak la. x interested lgsg.
Paint your nails

-In the opposite gender-
What color eye
sucker for green eyes! haha. angan angan je tggi.
What color hair
black would be nice.
Shy or Outgoing
Sexy or Cute
both pon owkeyh but prefer more to cutie.
Serious or Fun
nak dua- dua
Older or Younger than you.
Older la. but not tooooo older ok. amin! haha.
A turn on
good listener and gentleman.

A turn off
ckp lepas, proud of his self, show off, sweet talker without brain, dunno how to respect people and many more. malas nk elobrate.

-This or that-
Flowers or Chocolates
nak dua dua.
Pepsi or Coke
Rap or Rock
rap are the best.
Relationship or One night stand
one night stand? OMG! totally insane. i'm not dat cheap. relationship please!
School or Work
i'm so gonna choose school.
Love or Money
erk! ssh ni. haha. both la. can?
Movies or Music
movies are the lyrics while musics are the rythm. so, without both theres nothing.
Country or City
Sunny or Rainy days
rainy days. ske!
Friends or Family
both is important to my life.

-Have you ever-
pnh la. tipu sunat kot. jyeahaha!
Stole something
nope! never!
euww! i will never touched it.
Hurt someone close to you
rse mcm pnh.
Broke someone's heart
oh boy! yeah. sory.
Had your heart broken
ni x pyh ckpla. like million times kot. haha.
Wondered what was wrong with you
oh shit! yes.
Wish you were a prince/princess
honestly, nope!
Liked someone who was taken
x. i sedar diri owkeyh! ish. ;))
Shaved your head
oooooohhhh! tidak!
Used chopsticks
it was like trillion times
Sang in the mirror to yourself
haha. ofcourse la

red roses
erk! banyak la
currently, paparazzi
BVL yg mmg i love it giler. just wangggggii!
metalic colours
depends on the mood.
tade favourite singer.
Junk food
haha. suma kot. sebut je and it will be a big YES! ;)
bole tak if i say Korea? haha. malaysia la
ntah. tade kot.

Ever cried over someone
huish! bnyk kali weih.
Is there anything you wish you could change about yourself
nope. i dah bersyukur. haha.
Do you think you're attractive
ntah la. x tau. yeah! in my way la kan.
If you had to choose a fairytale as your life what would you choose
echanted. sweet! ;D
Do you play any sports
bowling and futsal. smpai kaki terseliuh. haha!

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