October 31, 2008


now it shows 1.37a.m. at my watch and i'm still awake like OMG mcm weird owkeyh.
i never been awake this long.
sgt sgt pelik. haha!
now i'm landing my body at my soft and comfartable bed with my adoreable laptop on top of my blanket.
waiting for my sepet eyes to feel sleepy. and i wonder what time will my sepet eyes ni feel sleppy b'cos i feel very fresh like i wake up in the early morning. ;)
for helping me to sleep, i'm blogging ryte now.
act. i dont have any idea 2 blog since my brain become so blank with darkness.
so, it will full with crap-ness and shit-ness.
haha! sorry.
owkeyh. i think i should stop for now and continue tommorow.

p/s: i'm so gonna cut my lovely hair asap. but in the same time i feel sgt sayang weih mau cut. ;)

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