October 20, 2008

the necklace

today i had my bahasa melayu paper 1 & 2.
and it was okeyh i guess.
just the paper 2 i'm quite blank.
like change the dialog to ayat pindah.
and that time i was like asking myself what the heck is ayat pindah?
duh! what a lame of me. ayat pindah p0n x tahu.
malu je. as a malay girl, i should know what is ayat pindah ryte.
but unfortunately, i went blank without knowing what is ayat pindah.
huh! lame lame lame!
uh oh yeah! same goes 2 the peribahasa thang.
i'm kinda forgot the first sentence.
i just remembered the ' berat lagi bahu memikul' sentence without the first setence.
it was very funny of me.
yeah. boo me!
sedih la wei. ;(
owkeyh now what should i do is forget the past n pray 2 Allah.
and now i should begin with literature.
uh oh, i just love the short stories in my form 4 syllabus especially 'the necklace'
its really interesting!
but i just cant stand with poem.
poem anyone?
haha! hey, i wonder why they dont do the romeo n juliet story for form four.
it will be much much more interesting to read n it will catch my breath for sure.;D
owkeyh, till then.
i've to run my mind in my literature book now.

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