October 19, 2008


what a boring day today, without any open house to go.
act. i do have a lot of open house to attend today but seems my final exams still keep bothering me.
my parents keep telling me that " fateen, u should study 1st. afta final exams end, u can go any open house n tour the world"
and i was like owkeyh then. i'll study first.
but thank god yesterday, i made myself to attend the open house that i've been invited.
it was superbly fun n exciting especially auntie nora's house at sri maya' kondo.
the foods were luscious!
the place was luxuriant.
oh my god! i just have to think how to reduce my weight in a short duration.
haha! what a lame.
i just loooooveee open house!
so, do invite me.
insyaallah, i'll come. ;)
till then.
fateen make urself to open the sejarah text book n keep read, read n read untill u memorize all the facts that u HAVE to!

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