October 22, 2008

phone call

Actually it was happened yesterday night but since i was so called busy study-ing so, i blog it today.
i dunno whether it is funny or wateva u called but its freakin me out n its very very weird.
it started with a phone call from stranger yesterday night.
act. he had give me missed called for so many times since noon.
since i off my cellphone and on it back at night and unfortunately he rang my phone back.
it sounded....
stranger : hello!
me : yeah. hello. spe ni?
stranger : i nk ckp dgn siti.
me : siti? siti mne? sorry, x de siti kt sni. u slh num la.
stranger : i nk cri org utk modelling job. so, kirenye i nk cri model.
me: sorry la. i've just said that siti x de. u slh num ni.
stranger : then, u nk jd model x?
me : erk! no thanks.
stranger : spe b'ckp ni? if u be a model, u can make money.
me : sorry, i dont have anytime n i'm not interested. i'm still student.
stranger : ye. i tau. u politeknik seberang jaya kan? i get ur num p0n from ur friend.
me : politeknik? no no no! u really have a wrong person now.
stranger : spe nme ni?
me : u cri siti kan? siti x de kt sni n no one named siti here. sorry.
stranger : alah, nak knl p0n x bole. nak tutup telefon je.
hey bitch! i dunno you and please dont react like faker!

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