October 13, 2008

depression aboard

hoodle doodle bloggie!auch! sounded like a dog. haha.
oh yeah! today i was sat in exam for my acc paper.
yuhuu! as ussual my depression was aboard as the acc thang made me wanna vommit.
in this exam i was like had a lil' bit of confident in doing it.
and i was a little bit excited on doing it before da exam started.
da reason why i'm so called excited becauce a month before the exam i was like study, read, memorise-ing morning till night.
so, i'm kinda hoping a 'score' for that.
But with a capital of 'B', unfortunately i'm frusted after i sat in the exam.
when the exam started, i ran blank like a blind person.
my mind go dark without anything in mind.
i wonder where were all my study, read, and memorise-ing information were kept?
yeah! n of course it was a part of my mistakes as i'm so called-malas-to-study before dis.
so, dis is all gonna happened.
boo me!
and like similarly as before, after the acc exam all my talkitive buddies were babbling about the things that they had done.
they kept asking the same question in a year among each other, "fateen, acc fateen seimbang x?""mne yg seimbang?""mcm mne bole x seimbang eh?"'mcm mne dpt seimbang eh?" n much much more.
and i was like "seimbang? like shit la wei! mne seimbang".
everytime they talked and ask the same question in this year after the acc paper, i'm asking myself " do i have to hear the resemblance shit next year?"
what a pity ear i have.
i've to hear all the bebel-ing from my best buddies next year i guess.
sorry guys if u read this, i'm just trying to be honest with you.
i love u guys till death.
dont worry.
p/s: ur guys still the desire of my soul untill i meet my future husband la kan. ;D

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