October 23, 2008

treasure of the heart

today my mum do kinda of jamuan makan - makan at my house.
its NOT an open house peeps! it was jamuan makan-makan.
catch my word.
and i just invited my so called- kawan-gila-gila-baik-tahap-mati la.
haha! what cruel of me. tp tp tp my friend yg another one, nadhirah x de.
she's in boarding skewl.
and my so lovely est teacher, datin seri nuritun ade weih.
she told my mum that " what a nice house u had, i suke."
wow! i'm so proud to hear that. bangga dowh.
thank you so much datin. i appriciated.
haha! lame!
i feeled funny when my bestie, miss sofea 2 said to me that " wah! best gyler. besarnye ladang."
and i was like "what?! ladang? bkn ladang la. its like a garden je. ape la."
haha. funny je. she asked me to do a sleepover party at my house end of this year.
i think i'll consider it.
it sounds interesting.

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