October 14, 2008

brain given by god

today i had my physics paper and it was absolutely easy as playing game.
NOT! haha.
its a miracle if physics go easy like abcd. the exams just now really get on my nerve.
i cant barely stand to see my results as the paper were so damn hard.
i feel like i wanna cry like a baby and scream in the same time.
but honestly now, i feel relieved because one of my beban suda went out.
just afraid to see the marks.
the word 'afraid' and 'results' are keep flying in my trail of mind.
oh deary words, i beg u to go away from my holy mind.
i love u but fateen dayana hate u so much. haha.
end of dis 'easy exams'.
just now at school when the exam started, my class which is well-known with their 'good attitude' by copy-ing answers with others were doing the same attitude Again with a capital of A.
it is sooooooo unfair! other students who study like crazy and did not copy had to struggling on doing the exams and the fakers just relax and copy and share the answers with friends without gave a big amount of force to their brain but just used their eyes or mouth to ask the answers from their so-called-genius friends. kononnya genius. but the truth is not! if they really genius,
they will not give the answers easily.
wtf? dont u guys have a brain? i'm sure everyone have been given by god a brain.
then, use it properly.
if not, dont u dare label urself as a human-being.
x layak lagi wei!
p/s: sorry for the rude words that have been used in it. ;)

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