July 4, 2009

Not to my expectation

Just went back from school carnival and dissapointed with it. It was too lame for a school carnival that supposed to be fun and exciting but it turned out to the other way which makes me bored. Seriously, i did not know how to spent my RM10 coupon untill i decided to spend it to my friends. So generous of me. The theme of the school carnival this year is ' Sukan Rakyat'. Honestly, i just do not know how to appriciate this type of theme. It's just can't get along with me. I can't suited myself in the theme given either. So, understand me well, u will know. Last year carnival is way better than this one.

Okay. School carnival end. All the activities had reached to the end. Now, start to be serious back on the track. I mean preparation to SPM. Be more serious in studies and less playful. That is what i will try to do. Insyaallah.

1 comment:

Farra Dilla said...

npe xbest lak??
xde gerai2 yg mnarik??
gud luck 4 ur spm keyh!
ol d best..