May 1, 2009

So Little Time

And loads to study. Yet still have the time to sit infront of the laptop and blogging. What a waste, right? But what to do, nafsu terlampau kuat kot. I just can't handle it. So, after this i'll continue my study session back with chemistry. Is it sounds like a promise? Hurm, i guess it is.

Well, today is holiday for those who are workaholic. Happy holiday to all including mummy and papa which they are now in Malacca with Fadin, my youngest brother visiting my grandparents. So yeah, i'm now with my younger sister and brother at my lovely house yang kononnya nak study kat rumah. But hey! I study okay! After this, i'll be continuing back my study.

Seriously, i need to end it now. I'm lack of idea to write here. Such a lame. Till here, fellas!

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