May 8, 2009


Time really flies! Next week on the tuesday will be my mid year exams. It will start with Chemistry paper 3 and Physics paper 3. Such a good opening ay? This time it will takes about three weeks long. Oh boy, such a nerve wrecking. All the topics are not fully covered yet. Especially, Chemistry. How am i going to overcome it? Gosh! Mid year exams is like 3 days to go and i can say all these. Kinda bullshit though. Sheesh! I'm scared. So, from now onwards i'll be accompanying by butterflies in my tummy.

I just want to make Papa and Mummy proud of me. I want to be a good example to my sister and brothers. I want to show myself that i can do it. I don't want people to look down on me. I want everything. Everything that suppose to be good thing. But how?! What a typical me huh? Ok. Lets pray to God for the successful in life.

May my prayers and my (parents's) will be heard and not forgetting my effort be blessed by the Almighty. Insyaallah. I must have a strong determination to proceed anything in my life with success including this one (exams).

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Farra Dilla said...

saya tag kamu..hihihi..