November 12, 2011

Unexpected the -not so- awkward conversation

I know, i've been babbling around about those tests, assignments, quiz and all. So, why am i still blogging, no ? I just have to write about last night conversation with mummy that i find it tickled me.

So, our coversation went something like this ;

Me : Mummy, today's date(which was yesterday, 11.11.11) is a nice date kan ? Ramai orang kawin hari ni and i feel so jealous. Excited pon. 

Mum : My friend's daughter is getting married today. Well, actually quite a few of my friends's  daughter and son kawin jugak hari ni. Memang ramai pon kan. Tengok dekat newspaper pon, ramai nak kawin today.

Me : I know right ! The date is just so nice, so that's why la kan. Best nya even your friends punya anak pon nak kawin on this date. Seriously, best gila okay.

Mum : Insyaallah, kalau ada jodoh, u pon will get married. Doa la from now. Next year ada lagi which is 12.12.12. Kalau ada dah, boleh la next year.

Me : Mummy ! By that time, i'm like 20 years old baru kot. Don't you think it's too early for me to get married ? Study pon tak habis lagi.

Mum : Nothing is too early. Kalau dah memang Allah tetap kan jodoh tu, you can't say anything. We, human never know. It's all on Him.

Me : Errr, ok. Now, i feel regret talking about this to you, mummy.

Seriously, my mum left me speechless right after the conversation that i thought i was trying to play around and never thought of getting those serious reaction from mum. Erk.


alifah efah said...

haaa didi jgn lupa jemput kalau kahwin next year ;) nnti kami semua berkampung kat rumah anda :p


Ehh ? Hahahaha. lambat lg la pah. yela, kita ni siapa nak. sob sob. hahaha

alifah efah said...

"yela, kita ni siapa nak. sob sob. hahaha"-eleh hana tajimo nie.ramai je nak.patutnya kita yg ckp.kita yela takda org nak -.-


Tak payah nak hana tajimo sangat la. Takde sape pon nak pndg kita ni. Kita pon tak nak pndg sesiapa pon. HAHAHA

nuridayuidrus said...

wooy wooy!! xsabar je nak tunggu next year!! nanti kami akan berkampung punya kat rumah awak~ nak hias bilik pengantin! *eh! excited lebih :P


LOL ! Excited lebih. silap hari bulan nnt saya yg tolong menghias bilik penganti utk awk. hahahaha.

nuridayuidrus said...

ehhh~ edak ler. saya blom ade calon mcm awak lgi (:


Tak pyh nak mcm sy sgt la. mmg sy dah ade boipreng skrg ni kan. -.-'