November 26, 2011

Amazing night that ever happened

It might be a bit late to write about this but hey, it has never been too late for me when it comes to these handsome boys in town. Do you know who am i referring to now ? Yes, it's 2PM, people ! They came to Malaysia for their 2PM HANDS UP ASIA TOUR CONCERT.

I was there at the concert with Ayu. We were all time crazy when we reached at Stadium Negara. Oh yes, the concert took place at Stadium Negara, Kuala Lumpur. Strategic place, though. Honestly, i didn't know how am i suppose to write about this AMAZING night. It's just beyond words. Words can't never explain how it feels like to be there at the concert. Too fun ! I think, i'm just gonna include some pictures that i took that night. It might be a bit shaky or blur. You know i just snapped all the pictures without even looking at my camera because i can never take my eyes away from the stage. I don't want to miss any single thing from that night. So yeah.


The boys kickstart the night with HOT. It was really AAAAAAHHHHH ! 6 of them standing on the stage, and Jun. K said "Yo, you already know we are on fire. It's me, Jun. K and 2PM" with his swag manner and everyone turned hysterically and screamed their head off. It was a perfect kickstart, i might say. I can't say anything but perfect for these boys. They proceed with Electricity and then, they went straight to Hands Up song. Gosh ! 3 songs in a row and the 3 songs need them to dance very energetic and aggressively ? To add it more, no lipsync. Should i say more ? I just love the boys. 

Basically these are the full set list of the performance :

Hands Up
Tired of Waiting (remix)
Junho x Wooyoung - By My Side (new song written by Junho)
I Can’t
Give It To Me
Nichkhun x Taecyeon - My Valentine
Chansung Solo Performance (sword demonstration)
VTR: Jeonggam’s story
I’ll Be Back
I Hate You
Junsu - ALIVE 
Without U
Only U
I Don’t Know
10 out of 10
Again and Again
Don’t Stop Can’t Stop
Thank You
I’m Your Man (Japanese)
Encore: Hands Up Remix + (10 out of 10)

Now, i miss that night. I miss when Junho trying hard to speak malay, "Terima kasih kerana datang ke sini. Saya akan balik lagi" with the Korean accent in it. Just imagine how cute can that sound came from him. I miss Wooyoung who dance to the beatbox music and ended up with the love sign. I miss when Junsu said "What are you guys gonna do on Christmas ? There's no winter here. So, no snow. You guys can come to Korea". The screaming from Hottest right after Junsu said that, the feeling, i miss that. I miss when Wooyoung and Junho performed By Your Side, the dance. Aaaahhh, i miss it. I miss when the maknae, Chansung  made cute faces towards the Hottest and when the camera focused on him. It shows the dorky part of him and how childish he is. I miss when the beast, Taecyeon looked aggressive yet so sweet in the same time. The part when he jumped off from the stage toward the crowd and jumped of from the gate that separate the stage from the crowd. He jumped out from the stage two times. I mean like TWO FREAKING TIMES ! He was so good at fan services. I miss when Junho asked Chansung "Chansung, do u know what's tissue ?" and Chansung replied, " I don't know" and Junho said "Me too. I don't know". Awww ! They never failed to be so cute and handsome in the same time. I miss when Nichkhun took a few cameras from the hottest who at the rockpitt area and snapped his own picture. That's so cute. I was totally freaking jealous. How lucky. I miss when Nichkhun promised to come again next year. I miss the moment when Nichkhun said "No wonder people said Malaysian Hottest are the hottest." Aaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhh, can u imagine how i feel at that time ?!?!?! Speechless. I LOVE YOU, NICHKHUN HORVEJKUL ! I miss Nichkhun's puppy eyes. I miss when the concert was about to end, every 2PM members have gone backstage and left only Chansung on the stage. He teased around with us Hottest and ripped off his tshirt ! He then threw it towards the crowd. I miss the part when they sang Only You and started to give roses to the Hottest. I miss Nichkhun. I miss Wooyoung. I miss Junho. I miss Taecyeon. I miss Chansung. I miss Junsu. I miss the boys. I MISS 2PM.

Too many things that i want to express it here but i don't know how to express it in words. Can you see how many 'miss' that i wrote in here ? I guess you can. Obviously, everything that happened on the night of November 25th, 2011 surely will be missed. I want to cry now. Next time, i'll surely buy rockpitt ticket, insyaallah. Start saving mode is on.

The official goodies that i bought from JYPE booth. Happy girl ! ^^

p/s : Oh yeah, i went to KLIA on the night that 2PM arrived at Malaysia and the post is still in draft. Waiting for the videos from my friend. 

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