November 12, 2011


Why do i intend to write on my busy days ? I wonder that too. Well, maybe the -i'm too stress- part that makes me want to write here in order for me to let it all out. Not all. Even i'm writing now or typing, whatever you called it, i don't feel like to make a long post, either.

So, here the things. I've just done with 2 midterm papers for this week and i've another 2 papers waiting for next week. To make it worst, i've 2 assignments that have to be submitted next week and a quiz too. I can't even catch a breath knowing that next week gonna be another hectic week that i've to go through. Not enough with this week, next week too ? Duh. I hate the fact that i can't control or should i say i don't have the right way to control my stressful level and it keep on increasing with all these thing that coming to me. Boo me. Due to that, i often breakout now and it's so horrible. Zits keep popping out everywhere on the face. Kinda ewww-ish  Another thing that lead to stress. I need to see Gally, my skin care advisor. I need to do an appointment with her since it's been awhile after i did a facial routine. Sorry Gally.

As i mentioned earlier, i'm not going to make this long. So, i just hope that i'll survive just great next week since i've survived this week with blessed from Allah. Insyaallah. Oh uh, did i tell you about how 'easy' the Fundamental of Software Engineering paper just now ? I almost lost my breath right after the booklet was turned to the first page. It killed me a bit in the inside. Screw you, FSE !

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