November 1, 2011

There's no definition of 'Too late to celebrate.'

Where do i begin ? It has been a very hectic and stressful week, i might say eventhough it has not even reach Friday yet. So many assignments piling up and so many catch up to do for mid term coming up. I have dark circles under my eyes and i lack of sleep very much. To sum it all up, exhaustion.

Ok, let's put aside this issue and move to something that fun to tell. Oh, it's about my one lovely lady here, Nur Idayu Idrus. She's officially 19 years old and i'm proud of having her as my friend. One of my annoying yet bestest girlfriend i could ask for. So, i've decided to throw a suprise birthday party for her 19th birthday. To be honest, i've planned it a month before her birthday and it's hard to even plan and do it properly since we're living in the same house. We're like so attached to each other wherever we go that made it so hard for me to even plan it perfectly. Haih, my manja baby girl. *geli, is it ? i know. Oh uh, just to make it more fun, we celebrate her birthday for 2 times. 2 birthday celebration for her which were the fake celebration on her birthday itself and the real celebration was held a week after her birthday date. So much fun, i tell you. Anything for her.

Actually, the fake celebration has been done just for the sake of covering her eyes from the real celebration as planned a week after the date of her birthday. Like i said, anything for her.

So, without further due, let's photo partying !

The restaurant that took place for the real celebration.

The sweetie of the day.

p/s; The pictures does not arrange accordingly since i'm quite lazy to do so. This is just a quarter from the album which bring a sum of 129 pictures.


nuridayuidrus said...

ohh mai! thanks awak!

ehem ehem~~ anything for me uh? terharu sat~


I know, i'm so sweet like that. HAHAHA.

Ehem, yela, i kan sayang u. *coughcough. :D