November 13, 2011

Necessity not luxury

A warning, please don't call me a gadget freak or something sounds like one.

I'm thinking of changing my Blackberry to an iPhone 4 or iPhone 4S. I know, before this i've been swizzle about changing it to Samsung Galaxy S2 but since now, papa is using S2 makes me want to use other phone. Besides, i've bad experiences with handling this S2 phone. So with THAT experience that i had with S2 before, in a split of second, i've change my mind on changing my Blackberry to iPhone 4, instead. I know it will make my life much more easier.

iPhone 4S

Hold on, people ! Don't start judging yet. I'm not changing my phone like i changed my clothes. It's necessity and it's not like i'm going to change it right after i've done writing here. I'm going to change it right after the Blackberry contract with Celcom end which is next year, Insyaallah. Papa and mummy don't mind, either. Insyaallah, the day of having it will come soon, Di.


alifah efah said...

lpsnie takde gang bbm la nmpknye


Errr, tak confirm lg la. Insyaallah la. lgpon BB still ade, contract je abis nnt. :D

yongsofea said...

Hello cik kak ! Wei, ni blog baru aku yg x seberapa tu. Haha. follow la kalau rajin eh. hewhew.


Oh okay babe. :)