November 13, 2011

The charm

I dedicated this specially for you, my one and only sister, Nur Fadzleen Izyana. You've been asking for it, no ? Actually, you don't have to trouble yourself by sent me a text asking for a good luck charm and all because i'll still do it, though.

I know i may not get to go back and forth to your school during your SPM days eventhough the distance between my university to your school just take me about 10-15 minutes driving but still, i want you to know that i'll always got your back and you have all the support from me. Insyallah, you'll do just great and kill the papers, sister ! You're a Miss Einstein, remember ? You have studied enough and now, leave it all to Allah and don't ever forget to keep on pray.

Best of luck in this coming SPM, baby sister. Kakak loves you, always

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