July 2, 2012

Is it still alive ?

Assalamualaikum and hello beautiful people.

I've been neglecting my blog for so long. I know and i'm aware of that. I'm not going to be all poyo saying that i'm too busy to write and yada yada yada. Honestly, saya rindu untuk menaip di sini dan saya rasa sangat tidak cool kerana terlalu banyak yang saya dah terlepas untuk update so called memories. Too many i tell you. So now, i would like to put a bit of revenge here for today. I want to write something here eventhough it takes me to rant out of nowhere. Saya akan mula menaip sekarang sambil menyanyi mengikut rentak Love Me Like You Do by Justin Bieber. Love me like you do ♪♫ Like you do ♪♫ Hold me tight and don't let go ♪♫ Teehee.

See the pictures up there ? Yes, those pictures were from some part of the memorable events with my loved ones. There are a lot of pictures actually but bila dah lama sangat tinggal kan blog ni, you know the well known virus, we call 'LAYZAY' ? Yes, when the virus is here, saya jadi malas terlampau dan secara automatik nya tiada lah proses muat turun gambar yang berjuta itu di jalan kan. Sorry.

Oh, did i ever mention about our gang's name ? OH YES, OUR GANG FINALLY HAS A BEAUTIFUL NAME TO BE PROUD OF. Actually, it started with a 'Gang Ayu' by some people who labelled us like that and finally we came out of random with 'Gedixlicious'. Sounds so girlish and gedik ey ? Hihihi. I'm loving this and i love being around them. This whole bunch of people who i'm proud to be with and love at heart. Such weirdo girlfriends they are but they are too unique to describe. Yes, my unique girlfriends that i love. So the whole point here is, OUR GANG HAS A NAME AND IT'S GEDIXLICIOUS. Mungkin stalker-stalker sekalian yang mula label kan kitaorang as Gang Ayu dahulu atas sebab-sebab yang tertentu yang saya sendiri tidak mahu nyatakan di sini akan bercakap-cakap kembali tentang nama ini tapi sorry to say, your words won't kill us anymore. Yela, tak semua akan berpuas hati/suka dengan kita, am i right ? But what can i say that who are you to stop us kan. People just won't stop talking even if you stay silent, if that person hates you, she/he will keep on talking about you. Ok dah. Rasa tak baik cerita macam ni. Macam mengaibkan pon ada. Stop it now, Fateen Dayana. Aite aite.

The reason i write in here is actually because i'm trying to show and prove that my blog is still alive. So kecoh, i know right. But what can i do, i'm cool and aweosome liddat ! Insyaallah, i'll write again in here later.

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