May 25, 2012

Life goes on

I've been called upon myself to rant whatever i want in here today while i'm manja-ing with my two favorite boys in the house, Fariq and Fadin. So, it left me 5 days more before June approach in and when was the last time i wrote in here ? Aaahh, the last time was about the heartbroken crap thing. Sorry for that people. I was just being me, a girl who full of emotion. Teehee.

Some people been asking me on how am i doing right now ? Am i okay with all these ? Thanks for the concerns and prayers. Alhamdulillah, i'm getting better and i'm in the process of moving on. I've stop contact with him. His girlfriend is one nice, sweet lady. How could i do that to her when she's clearly so happy with him ? If i were that guy, i wouldn't trade her for the world. She's nice, she's pretty, she's petite, she's one bubbly and cheerful girl. That should be more than enough for him to stay loyal to her. I'm hoping that he will look up to her for any state of time. I mean, let's look at the bright side, this is not the end of the world for me, no ? Yes, it hurts me but time will heal. I'm sure enough that Allah saves my heart for someone who deserves it. Insyaallah.

"If you are in love, but that love seems to have destroyed you, then you need to re-look that love." Ar-Rum : 21

Today is Friday, 25th of May. It's the D-Day. Yes, the result day of course. I've been so panicked beforehand. I mean, i know how last minute i studied for final exam and how hard i faced the exam papers in the exam hall. I'm too scared to look at the student info. I woke up earlier in the morning today with flooded of tweets in the twitter from my Uniten's friends about the result has been posted in the student info. Can you imagine how my mind worked that time ? I mean i just woke up from my sleep. I throw away both of my phone just to ignore all the tweets and i pulled back the blanket. It seems that my heart beat so fast that i couldn't sleep back. So, i decided to just brace myself and click on the student info. Believe it or not, i closed my eyes for about 10 minutes before i looked at the result and BOOM ! Alhamdulillah, eventhough it did not reach to my target but still, my result is keep getting better. Praise to Allah.

Well now, i could proudly and happily say that HELLO SECOND YEAR ! LET'S BE FRIEND AND HAVE SOME FUN. How time flies, no ? I'm going to be a second year student just in a few days more from now. I don't know how should i describe my feeling right now. Scared, happy, sad, excited, nervous. All in one. One more thing, boleh kahwin dah kalau nak ni. Okbai. Teeheee !

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