January 10, 2012

2012 ?

Hello and assalamualaikum,

It's been awhile since i last wrote it here. It was last year, 2011, the last entry i posted it in here ey. Err, i made it sounds so far away yet it is actually a few days back then. Excuse my drama queen skills. I have that a lot in me. 

So, it's already page 10 of 366 huh ? That fast and i'm just about to start with my so called 2012 entry. Such a lame girl. Whatevs. I have so much things to do few days before 2012 approached and i was in final exams mode. Mind to excuse me for that. Oh uh, I'm not interested in telling people on how was the exam and is it good or bad. yada yada yada. Obviously, it was mind-blowing and stressed weeks ever. As the matter of facts that, i'm sick on that week and the reason why i have been drowning myself with such an amount of various colours of pills through my throat. Sickening much, no ? End with all this. Let's move on to the other story.

2011 ? Life of 2011 has been one bumpy ride for me. It may not be the best year for me but by having all the amazing friends by my side, i am sure fine with all the obstacles given. All in all, it was a good lesson for my life. Thank you to those people who were there whenever i need you guys through my ups and downs in a year and keep staying in my life now despite my irrelevant emo, moody and all. You guys been great to me and still support me in whatever things that i do. Family and friends, they are. I enjoyed having you guys around in my life. Couldn't ask for better when i have already been given beyond amazing people in my life. I thank Allah for this.

Yeah, it was bumpy as my life, my personal life to be exact, was filled with drama that has no end, i guess. However, everything just went smooth and i got through it with His permission. I am happy now. I am blessed. There was surely lots of scar but it also brought many good memories. I am happy and content with the people in my life right now. I just won't simply let go the people in my life that i am having now and i will fight for them if i have to. 

What's in the store for 2012 ? I think i have to stop being childish by making childish resolutions and start making wise resolutions, instead. Wise resolutions, matured action. I know it may sounds hard for me to do so but i am trying. I have so much to list for my resolutions that i want to achieve in this 2012 but i just can't seems to write it in words. 

So far these are what i can write in words :

#1 Destroy what destroys me
#2 Be happy, less tears, no drama
#3 Be a good daughter to the family
#4 Put the-i love you and i love you too-relationship aside and be a hardworking girl to focus in one thing that matter 
#5 I know what i want and i'm sure to get it.
#6 Be a good servant to Him

More resolutions to go and Insyaallah, everything will be on track with the permission from Him. I think this year of 2012 will be amazing despite the sick that i've been through at the first day of 2012 it self but alhamdulillah, i'm fine now and praying for the better future ahead. Amin.


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