January 31, 2012

As the new chapter begins

Page 31 of 366. It's my second day of the second semester, first year. Am i enjoying myself ? How do i say this ? Hurm, let say i'm in the process of preparing myself to get through this and yes, so far, i'm enjoying myself with classes. *tolong la percaya

As you can see, my fixed timetable for this semester. I died a little inside when i saw this. It was so packed with classes and I HAVE CLASS ON FRIDAY and unfortunately, it's not lab*sigh. I should survive this, no ? Insyaallah. I've assigned with 5 subjects for this semester and honestly, it's quite a burden put on the shoulder to me with 18 credit hours all together in one semester. I've this second thought of dropping one or two subject and bring it to third semester where i'll be assign with only 3 subjects on that semester. I'll consider everything not later than this week. 

As usual, i'm hoping for the best in everything i do for this semester. Study hard, play hard, PRAY harder.

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