July 11, 2011

Lifeless Hermana

Buenas noches, señoras y señores.

Did i just speak Spanish ? Oh la la, so sexy. NOT. Okay, remind me again why did i want to write here ? Oh yeah, because i'm so lifeless that i've nothing to do until i've decided to pollute my blog with a lil' bit crap here.

So people, as you can see, i've changed my URL blog since at my level now i can't cooperate with complicated long names. Now, it have changed to a simpler yet sophisticated one. When i said sophisticated, of course it have to include my name which is FATEEN DAYANA in it. Yada yada yada... Ignore my behavior. Getting worst, i know. Heh.

Can you actually believe that i've been staying in the house like 24/7 during this holiday period ? And the best part is staying in without doing anything that seems benefit to myself. I know ! I can't believe myself either. I wonder what happened to me. I'm still trying to figure myself out. This is a bad habit. I can't stay like this until September. I need my social life back, mingle around with people, get out and do some shopping with family and friends.

Korea fanatic ? Well, that's me ! Like i've mentioned earlier, 24/7 in the house, right ? This is what i do, watching handsome and cute boys in the Korean dramas especially with Lee Minho in it, listen to Korean boybands songs especially 2PM. It never failed to give me heap of joy. Can't never stop aww-ing all the time.  Just so you know, i like/love guys who have sepet eyes. They are super adorable.

What else i should write ? Me no no idea anymore. Lifeless kan. Anyhow, i'll be updating this anytime soon. No promise, kay. Eh, i tak sabar nak puasa. Byebye.

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