July 16, 2011

A bit outdated but i think they did it very well

Long story cut it short, yesterday i went to One Utama with mum, Fariq, Fadin and the whole bunch. We decided to watch a movie since Fariq's back for his bermalam from boarding school and because mummy pity me. That's how my parents show their consideration to me. Never failed. I mean in term of how boring my life have been at this house for like 24/7 and decided to bring me out to get some fresh air. 

I thought of getting myself a bit updated by watching Harry Potter and The Deathly Hollows Part 2 first but went disappointed after knowing that the tickets have been sold out for that day. Unlucky me. I was being all excited to watch the ending of the popular and such a big phenomena series, i've never been that excited to watch Harry Potter before this. So, automatically my attempt to be a bit updated to new movies was failed. It won't happen and never happened when i'm at Uniten. I'm usually be the first runner up in the line to buy the new movie tickets with friends. I guess i failed to bring the habit at home. 

I thought i've said "Long story cut it short" earlier but it still long, though. Mind me, please. Hihi. When i said i failed to be updated to the new movies in the cinema, it brought me to a bit outdated. No, not really outdated. I can't bare to hold that. I went to watch Transformers : Dark of The Moon since i didn't watch it yet. Eventhough it was a lil bit late but hey, i got to watch it at the cinema instead of buying DVD or download it from wherever you name it. Did i tell you that i'm so excited to watch this movie when the teaser once came out long time ago ? And did i tell you the reason of why i'm very enthusiastic and eager to watch it ?

She's the main reason for putting so much enthusiastic in me to watch this. I memang suka tengok pretty girls.

Overall, the movie was good and i was hypnotized by their animations. Of course, their technology that they have in Hollywood made them to produce such a good animation in return. While watching the movie yesterday, i even dreamed of having that kind of sexy car that can be handle by itself without my leg press the accelerator pedal, hands on the steering, left hand take care of the gear and it can be a robot as well. How cool the vehicles can be, no ? I'm like a 4 year old kid who fantasize all of that in my mind while watching the movie. As cliche as it may sound, somehow, i would like it to be real as in reality. Too much of TV ey. 

Sorry lah kalau i letak ni je but i suka Bumblebee lebih. Siap menangis bila dia hampir kena bunuh.

Honestly, after i've watched the movie, i've been so hyper and ended up burned RM250 at Watsons ONLY. WOAH ! *Penyebab extra hyper ialah adik beli 12 pieces macarons for me, sebenarnya.

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