July 28, 2011

Harimau Malaya

I know, i'm not really a big fan of football but hey ! Tonight game is a MUST WATCH game.
And yeah, i watched it with papa, mummy and Fadin.
It's Malaysia vs. Singapore
Singapore won the game.

It's okay, Tigers. Better luck next time. Whatever it is Khairul Fahmi played so well tonight. I'm proud.
Singapore causes lots of drama. Maybe lepas ni boleh try audition jadi pelakon pulak. Mana tau boleh jadi popular macam Aaron Aziz and Adi Putra. *sigh.
I'm actually so proud of Harimau Malaya. Our country have the real footballers not actors in the field.
Harimau Malaya, we have so much love for you ! Chin up, boys. 
Again, Khairul Fahmi's performance was beyond amazing tonight. Good job, Apek ! I love you.
Oh next time, don't depends on Safee Sali alone. He needs back up too. 
But, tabik jugak kepada Singapore, they have good defender.
Malaysia still need to learn a lot.

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