February 3, 2010

I called it LIFELESS

Woops! I know i've been away for quite some time towards this little diary. I can't claimed myself as a busy person nor a leisure person but half of this and that can be wisely accepted. To be honest i've nothing interesting to tell yet to share but still i want to make a post here.

Lets make a start with my current life. Again, there is nothing interesting happened. I've spent my-not really three months-holidays most of the time at home doing the chores and a part from that, went out with my friends wandered around to nowhere. Mostly, i spent a lot more time with my friend, Najwa Fathia where we ussually spent our time around KL. We spent our time to Pavillion, Sg. Wang, Lot 10, KLCC, Mid Valley and the list went more. We lingered around to find our favourite stuff and we talk alot of things with no boundaries. We ran for the sale and shopped quite a number of stuff. She is a good companion in everything and ofcourse a good shopping company to be with, i tell you. With no nagging, no complaining, and no babbling, it's absolutely her and i like it that way with no pushy situations.

Ok. I better stop that and move to other stories. Stories? God! Like i've one to tell. Like i said earlier nothing interesting to share. Oh, did i mention that sometimes i went out to help the parents with their business? I guess not and yes, i'm sort of helping mummy and papa by following them to the business meeting and met their potential clients and all. When it comes to a talk session by whoever it called, i'm soo out but when it comes to linger around the people, you can always count on me. I mean hey! It's fun to linger with lots of new people, no ?

The siblings ? Oh, i'm sad just think of that word. The lovable sister and the control macho brother are no longer at home but at their boarding schools. Aww! I miss them with their uncontrollable annoyance. I feel like to cry. There's only left my baby brother at home. No more noises from them at this moment. Heh! Well, that's life, right? We have to deal with it just in matter of time.

I think i better stop typing for now or else i'll start the craps. Oh, this is what happened when you being such a lifeless. I should move to a healthy life now. HAHA ! Ok. That's it for now. I promise i'll write in here often.

p/s: I feel like going to The Curve for shoe hunting. Najwa, jom ? :)

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