February 3, 2010

At least i filled some of my time with this

Eventhough some people might think that it is not something beneficial to fill with but i still love this one. I mean i adore the storyline at this moment. I started to watch this since the first episode was aired. It attracts me and i don't know why is it so. So, don't come and ask. I won't asnwer it. I like Adi Putra a lot. So, might be he's the main attraction in the story, for me at least. He's a good actor. i adored his acting skill. Looks spontaneuos. Oh yeah, he looks a bit tanned in this maybe due to his character as a diver.

So yeah, nothing much. Lets watch and enjoy the story. Till then.

1 comment:

yongsofea said...

aku pon suke gile cite ni !
tp mule2 mcm agak s**l ! lambat gile jalan cite !! sakng dah best . pelakon pon mantap