April 8, 2012

Noted that

Wow ! It's already 8th of April and my birthday was like 7 days ago.

Hello people, i'm Nur Fateen Dayana Bt. Ahmad Fakhri and i'm officially 20, TWENTY years old now. To add it up, i'm happy with it.

I wasn't in town, to be specific at Rawang during my birthday but at Malacca, instead. Buat apa dekat Melaka ? What else ? Photo shoot and video shoot for project. So, my birthday happened to be on Sunday and i was at Malacca that time. Menangis oi time mummy call pagi buta Ahad tu when i'm at Malacca. Bak kata Elin, "Kakak ni kememeh gila." Kememeh or whatever you called it, i'm like that to begin with. Hihihi. Umur dah dua puluh tapi habit yang satu tu susah nak ubah. I'm being me, as usual. Long story cut it short, nothing much happened on my birthday since i'm busy, everyone's busy but there were these three people who never failed to make it happened even we were so tired at that time. Even it was so simple yet it was so meaningful to me. I mean semua orang sibuk and we were at Malacca that time. Most of the friends were not there but still, even with three people, they tried to cheer me up on birthday with pre-birthday celebration. Sejujurnya, i'm touched.

Pre-birthday celebration
Location : Kampung Morten, Melaka

Big thanks for these special people who never failed to cheer me up. 

Woopsie ! My birthday celebration didn't end there. Having this most two important people in my life, even my birthday has passed 6/7 days ago, they still organized a small birthday dinner for me with the family which was yesterday night at The Curve. My parents, they had never disappointed me instead surprised me with so many things in my life. As example happened last night. As example happened last night, when papa came out with a wrapped box out of nowhere and handed it to me as a birthday gift. I'm totally surprised ! 1) Where did the box came from ? I didn't see it coming from anywhere even when we're in the car. 2) The 'thing' that is inside the wrapped box surprised me even more. 3) Papa is a great actor. Nuff said.

My happiness. I love you, papa and mummy. *hugs

So far, i'm enjoying my life being twenty. It's not bad. It may occur a lot of perk but insyaallah, i can handle it. I'm a big girl already. Ya Allah, cannot percaya. I can get married now. NOT ! 

Some of the birthday gifts that i received. Thanks a lot. 

Sekarang boleh sibuk start cari calon suami, kan ? I guess so. Ok, joke. Bye. Teehee.

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