March 21, 2012


Guess what ?

I've been sitting in front of my laptop for quite sometimes, thinking and wondering of what to write here. I've been called by myself to write something in here since nowadays, my mind and heart does not work in a team or should i say it doesn't move together ?

What am i trying to say here is, whatever that said by my mouth are not what my heart wants but that's what my brain chewed it. Do you get me ? Complicated, ey ? Aaah, just forget what i'm trying to say here.

Let's move to something that easy to blend in mind. Hihi. Obviously, i've less social life due to my hectic schedule . Assignments and projects here and there. Social life ? Meaning ? Shopping, watching movies, karaoke session with the girls, hang out to nowhere places and just have fun, late night sight-seeing and etc. How i miss having all those awesome hang outs with the girls like we usually did but not in this semester, second semester. To add up to the sadness, i realized that we didn't took pictures together in this second semester. What a waste of the precious life. I WANT MEMORIES ! Whenever i think of this, my tears automatically filled in the eyes.

Ehem, i should stop pouring out my thoughts here for a moment and continue to read the boring slides for MSD midterm this coming Thursday. Wait, coming Thursday ? It's tomorrow !! Ok, later.

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