March 23, 2012

Dian Rainbow

Girls Generation/SNSD/SoShi

I was supposed to be at KLCC now with a bunch of friends to watch Girls Generation live at KLCC. I mean it's a free entrance concert, for god sake but i didn't make it to the venue. How sad. I swear that i almost cry because of that. I wanted to watch the girls so badly especially Yoona, Sooyoung, Taeyeon and Seohyun but i guess, no rezeki for now.Their next time to Malaysia, insyaallah, i'll make sure to go for their concert.

So, since i'm not at KLCC, where did i go for the whole day today ? I spent my day at Bangsar and the most exciting part ever was that i got the chance to go to Dian Pelangi Malaysia boutique located at Jalan Telawi. After like 6 to 7 times of circling the Jalan Telawi for parking, I did managed to find a parking spot right infront the Dian Pelangi Malaysia boutique. Alhamdulillah, only Allah knows what i feel that time. I was so happy. I'm in awe right after i entered the boutique. I mean, it full with beautiful and colorful pieces by Dian Pelangi, herself. Dian Pelangi collections are mostly about tie-dye. Knowing me, i love everything that looks colorful especially vibrant colors. So, being in there, the boutique, made my eyes go wild here and there. It's hard to resist the temptation brought by Dian Pelangi collections and it's even harder to leave the boutique without anything in hands.

Wide dress by Dian Pelangi
Balloon top by Dian Pelangi
Batwing top by Dian Pelangi

Like what i just mentioned up there, it's even harder to leave the boutique without anything in hands. Ended up  with 3 beautiful pieces in hands. Yay ! Such a happy girl i am. Dian's signature, which is, tie-dye is something that i can't say NO to and it's- a must have - collection in the wardrobe, at least one. I am totally head over heels in Dian Pelangi's collection and the friendly staff there just add up the excitement of being at the boutique. Such an eye-candy. I will definitely come back to the boutique again. I've been a fan of Dian Pelangi for quite sometime. I adore her-chic yet still on the line-style. She dared to try something different. I'm inspired and amazed. Hoping that one day when i go to the boutique once again, i can meet her. 

"I want to be something different. I want to break the rule but still on the line" - Dian Pelangi

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