December 23, 2011

The thought of giving up ....

It is a lie if i say that i have never thought of giving up. I do have that thought, it's been running through my mind now and then. Whenever i have been through some hardships that i can't handle, i tends to cry and have the thought of giving up everything that i have been working for but i'm glad to have Allah and my mummy by my side all the time. 

Whenever i feel like to give up on everything in life, i will think of my family especially my parents who have been there for me every time i need them especially mummy. Whenever the 'give up' word running back and forth through my mind, i'll always think this way "I want to give up just because i have been tested by God for some small hardships and i can't even handle that ?" Mummy and papa have been raised me up for 19 years now without any complaining and they have never thought of giving up on me and why should i think of giving up on myself, then ? Am i right ? Being under pressure in university is normal, based on what my parents said and i have to agree with that. Sometimes, i just can't handle it and ended up being emo or weeping all by myself . 

Mummy once said ;

"You can always cry whenever you want to. You can cry a night, a week or even a year because tears is the only way when your heart can't speaks a word. Tapi you have to remember that Allah is always there with you. Even you cried, He knows what makes you to cry. As long as you always pray to Him, He will always listen and He is the only one who can help you. No one else can."

Honestly people, it is true. Never forget that Allah is actually with you for 24/7. He will always listen and watch. So, He knows everything.  He keeps me going and He give me the strength to live my life. Whenever i'm about to give up, i will always cry and pray to Him ask for strength.

As a human being living in this world, it's normal to be under pressure once in awhile. If not, where's the fun goes at, no ? It's actually makes me to be matured in a way. As you can see, i'm a 19 years old girl, a university student, people see me as a matured girl just because of my physical showed that but to be honest, i'm far from being matured. I act like a kid, most of the time. Sometimes, i play around too much and didn't take things seriously when it needed to. So yeah, i need to change. Change in a better way, of course. I need to think and act like an adult since i'm one now. I can't always simply give up whenever i feel like to. It's such a shame, no ? Let's change to a better person !

p/s: Don't ever think of giving up. We have been through a lot and it's waste just to give up everything we have done before. Keep on pray, pray and pray. Allah is always listening indeed He is now.

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