December 15, 2011

Random Thoughts #6

I'm going to make a quick post here.

1. As can be seen, my life is too hectic nowadays. Blame it on assignments and final exams that coming to make war with me.

2. It's already mid December. Like seriously ? Time flies that fast, huh. December suppose to be fun but where's the fun go ? God knows where.

3. I've been through a lot along from mid November till now. Stress, cry, and emo. This three blend into me.

4. I want to be stress-free so badly.

5. I want January 2012 to come fast.

6. I eat a lot like no one cares. I'm fat enough. Blame the stress ! *sigh

7. Break out too much on the face. I even don't have the time to do facial. Again, with the stress. Gally keep on slot in an appointment for me like every weekend and i ended up cancelled it. Sorry, Gally. I'm too busy -_______-


9. Degree life is so hectic. Can die.

10. I'm a big fan of 2PM and the biggest fan of 2PM Nichkhun and 2PM Wooyoung. Stress-free whenever i watched them on videos.

11. B Y E

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