March 11, 2010


I've got my SPM result and i didn't get through it with flying colours.
So people, i'm not that genius as u think i am but still i'm considering myself as an average student.
I won't down grading myself.
Might be one day i'll be genius and i'll try to hold that words to spread in me. Insyaallah.
If i don't believe in myself, who else will be, right ?

P/S: Fadzleen Izyana, thank you a bunch for always being my best comfort. I love u, baby sister ! And not forgetting, Najwa Fathia for being such a good wiper to my tears. Me love u too mucho and oh ! Congratulations for your superb results, baby girl !


yongsofea said...

Fateen , don't give up .
i know you are not that kind of person ! It's not the end of the world . We have a new challenge up ahead waiting for us . Seriusly , i pray you all the best in your future


Diana Naubi said...

eh adik online kesayangan.
jangan sedih okey, at least u dah do ur best during the exam. now u tawakal je eh so boleh futher study kt tempat u nak.
enjoy saki baki cuti baik-baik sebab once dah futher study mcm hectic tak ada cuti panjang-panjang-panjang lg.

take care sis!


Yong, i won't give up. i know right ! thank u baby girl. Btw, i'm sorry. i'll make up to u once i'm back to normal ok.

P/s: congratulations from me ! ur so pandai. :)


Kakak online kesayangan !
Ok. Thank u for the advices. i will do like what u said.
haha. i'll enjoy this moment to the fullest. Pray for me, pretty please?

i lalalalove u kakak online kesayangan! :D

yongsofea said...

Ok Fateen . Jaga diri baik-baik .

hellioz said...

so, whats the result appears to be?


i'm sorry i won't tell it here. it's so humilating to tell.