August 4, 2012

Bring back memories.

Do you have any particular movies or dramas that you won't feel bored or sick with but instead, it bring back memories as you watch it back after few years that has passed by ? Well, i have a few movies that bring back memories and most favorite, to begin with.

Let's see ...

These are a few of my-all time favorites-movies. As i watched them back, it bring back all those bittersweet memories. By looking all of this, you can sum up that, i'm actually one of those traditional girls that enjoy and excited about-classic bittersweet love-type of stories. How i miss watching all of this. Tears gonna break out, bittersweet memories gonna slide in, heart gonna explode with mixed emotions. See it with broaden mind and think deep, it doesn't all about love. It's more than that. Watch, listen and understand with heart, not only by eyes, ears or mind. Because that's what i did, i watched, listened and understand it with heart.

p/s: Oh uh, i spent my weekends surrounded by doctors. No fun.


Aisyah Munirah said...

I've seen all except pride and prejudice and 500 days of summer! and yeah semua my fave movies jugak! ^_^

A Girl Like You said...

Nice!!! I love this post! and tak pernah lagi tengok 500 days of summer! Thanks this is such a suggestion!